EZ Pool Revive Weekly

EZ Pool Revive Weekly

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Revive!® WEEKLY is compatible with all pool chemicals, sanitizers and finishes. Plus, it will not cloud the water or stain the pool.

Revive!® does the work of several products – phosphate remover, metal treatment, flocculant and clarifier.

  • Ideal for well water
  •  Perfect for all pools at startup
  •  Excellent for severe algae cleanups
  •  Naturally restores water quality within hours of application
  •  Removes orthophosphates up to 2000 ppb
  •  Removes copper and iron up to 2.0 ppm
  •  Captures scaling carbonates
  •  Clears water of organic debris

Revive!® is an ideal treatment for:

  •  Preventing scale on salt system equipment
  •  Protecting new pool surfaces from stains
  •  Reducing plaster dust on new pools and remodels