Swim Best Super Clarifier

Swim Best Super Clarifier

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Swim Best Super Clarifier restores sparkle to dull hazy water

Super Clarifier is specially formulated to help remove small particles from the water by joining them together and allowing it to be filtered. Super Clarifier restores the sparkle to dull looking water. This product helps minimize consumption of more costly chemicals.


  • Cost effective – One quart treats up to 160,000 gallons of water – 1 oz. per 5,000 gallons.
  • Produces sparkling, clear water – Clarifies and decolorizes low turbidity water by clearing wide range of particle size impurities suspended in pool water, thereby restoring the original sparkle to your pool water. Super Clarifier is a polymer cationic blend with excellent flocculating ability.
  • Begins working immediately and during pool use – No waste of time waiting for settling after dosing.
  • pH tolerant – Is effective in both acidic and alkaline pH ranges, thereby eliminating the need to alter pool chemistry prior to application.
  • No chlorine demand – Can be used in pools treated with chlorine chemicals and its use may reduce the amount of chlorine chemicals normally required.
  • Aids filter performance – Increases filter efficiency by causing small particles to clump together.
  • Swim during treatment – If used as directed, bathers will never know that the product is working while they enjoy their swim.  
  • Preventative and cure – Super Clarifier can be used to prevent cloudy water formation and as a cure for existing turbidity or cloudiness.
  • Increased value - The added benefit of this product is that it is a combination flocculent and clarifier.


  • For fastest results, dilute Super Clarifier by adding it to a bucket of pool water.
  • Pour this solution around the inside perimeter of pool.
  • After 24 hours of continuous filtration, vacuum pool.  
  • Usual dosage is 1 oz. per 5000 gallons of water, however, under extreme conditions of turbidity (algae growth, newly filled pools, warm weather, start-up etc.) dose 1 oz. per 2500 gallons.